16 July 2010

ICE Circle.


Haa, anda semua tahu, apakah itu ice circle? Tgk gambar yang diupload di atas, haa, itulah Ice Circle.




Kenapa? Tak percaya aa?

Macammana yang ini plak?

Apa motif semua ini?

haha, kalau anda semua perhatikan, ICE circle committee ni bukanlah seperti Ice circle seperti gambar yang first tdi, ICE ialah I Care Everybody. Diasaskan oleh budak2 MARJON, ICE Committee ni diharapkan dapatlah bertindak sebagai agen pendakwah dan mengerakkan program-program ilmiah berbentuk keagamaan, selain juga mengorganisasi 'events' berguna baik dalam bidang rohani, jasmani or intelektual.

Tujuan saya menulis blog kali ini sebab nk kenalkan anda semua dengan ahli2 committee teratas dahulu. :) From what I observed, semamangnya pemilihan2 committee ini adalah tepat dan bersesuaian dengan karekter masing.masing.

 Presiden -Haziq bin Abd. Halim -

Actually, there are very few leaders who's willing to be on the top of the committee, and Haziq is one of them. Despite people suggesting Aiman who's among the founder of this committee, Haziq stood out as the best candidate to hold the position until the junior come in. Not a bad choice, and with his experience in managing his batch, and became penghulu from the past events, he'll bring success to the group. Insyaallah.

Vice President  - Hafizah binti Mohd. Fawzi -

We're quite lucky (and also happy) to have Hafizah as the vice president, and people seem to acknowledge her managerial role with Haziq, making them the super duo which are well-known among their colleagues. I have to agree with this, (not because her name is an extension of mine. XP) but her ability to present her ideas seem to strengthen her status quo in the group. Love to be working under her.

Secretary I - Hazwani binti Mohd. Zalil

Is it a mere coincidence? The H quartet (Haziq, Hafizah, Hazwani & Hafiz) seem to dominate the top 4 top positions, but, I can say, this is quite hard to believe. Wani, however, is not. Her skills in speech and her confidence in giving her opinions seem hard to argue with, and if you're looking for a specific info on something, she'll be the one who you should seek. Not because she can give you the answer right away, but she will provide you with one. Her skills in cooking is also in par with other things;what more can you ask?

Treasurer  - Rashidi Bin Razif

Just recently, bought an Xbox360 Elite which retail price cost about 180+ for 90+ pounds, that's show his skills in handling money. Don't forget, treasurer post seem involves around managing money (instead of ppl and files, where's the fun in that? ;( ) , hence he needs money-fingers (if that phrase ever exists) to make sure the money flows for the group are taken care of. He is also a representative of Gaya, and it's a relief to know that we are good at spending and storing money.

I think that's all. I love to talk about myself and my feelings about the post I seem to hold for now, but, meh. You'll better off listening to my other ramblings that my biography. Seriously, go Google Sarah Connor or something.

^^ P/S- This post is not intended to hurt anyone, any heart-breaking moments or words can be complaint via e-mail or straight-to-face comments which can be issued.. Below.

Thanks for reading!


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